May Day

Lenin makes a little foray Into a million workers, about to chime The anthem of what keeps man Going from 9 to 5. The union Is just a little confederacy where Lenin followers gather on the roads And on makeshift stages to convince Some thousands of chants-men That the worker is the soul of mankind….


Your body is an orchestra. In the middle you have a percussionist. The heart with open valves bloating like A helium balloon and pumping To let oxygenated blood flow down the aorta. That is what keeps man on his toes. The live-wire, elan vital, the keeper Of the flame. And above the diaphragm, you find…

Hard Love

I sometimes remember My grandmother, who should now be somewhere In heaven, perhaps even in the elysian fields. I remember the saree she used to wear The drape and the fall, in perfect harmony Not letting the wind, serenade Any part of her attire. She taught me how to be an alloy Of two poles….