You are spending your time In the garden for a change. The worms slither Like miniature snakes. The myena birds Fly around searching for a nesting place. There’s a crow on the asbestos roof Greeting you like an ominous omen. You hear a bell from the postman Delivering a letter from Australia. There’s a rose … Continue reading Garden


You’re inside a box And you’re thinking outside. And still you can’t figure out How the house mouse crept through An opening, right into the kitchen And on to the container holding A few kilo grams of rice. And you wonder, how can solid walls And sturdy doors be outwitted by a rodent. And you … Continue reading Mouse

The Ocean

Can’t we swim or even drown In this boundless dominion? Can we fly like a giant squid, wings gliding, Summoned to the call of the benthic wilderness? And can we grip each other in cephalopod tentacles, With the purchase of slimy seaweed? Can we make love like dolphins Pleasure being our only steer? Can I … Continue reading The Ocean

Sunday Mornings

There are churches and then There are cathedrals. Love is the latter. That morning too, the wine glass was rich, silky and red And the bread buttered like brioche We sipped wine from each others glasses And scavenged on each others dough It was a beautiful routine on a Sunday morning To be offered on … Continue reading Sunday Mornings

Love and Pregnancy

Everyone one of my friends has kids. Some 2 and others 3. Its almost always more than 1. Like everyone wants A company or crowd But never a monocyclist Or a string quartet. And my wife and I, we plan To bring one rug rat to the world. Who will run circles around us, And … Continue reading Love and Pregnancy

A Virgin In Utah

She cleans the table And takes out the morning trash And thus the day begins in Utah. A woman 26 years, a virgin, pledged to Jesus Who in this dire paranoid technosphere Is just fighting for mere survival. And she looks at the bananas on the table While she thinks of the Poet Basho who … Continue reading A Virgin In Utah

Out-of-Wedlock Kiss

Moment too soon, lips too far Spellbound like an incendiary star How hath mouth collude to taste Defrazzled lips buzz, wasps in haste Scrimmaged game, and paired sport A steeplechaser weathering one’s throat Lips twisting like a spinner’s wrist Oh the flavor, sloth-work till adrift Ajar, agape, so lingers aftertaste Surrender, hath you, to a … Continue reading Out-of-Wedlock Kiss


Hark, the whisper of a forgotten land, Melancholia swims on the airy domes of slums, that embank, The bountiful floor, as river Goddesses veer. On this cold lonely night, Gods too shiver. How hath fury harvested the land, Of her innate beauty, in deluge so grand On the makeshift boat, innocence galore Some fresh water … Continue reading Floods


There is a story in everyone. How we try to find a pearl inside an oyster Searching the seven seas. Perhaps we are love-prone creatures Who make journeys of the heart, The cornerstone of life. The roads not taken Stare back at you like a woman From the across the bar, dropping an invitation. And … Continue reading Alone