How To Find God?

Horizon Sky Clouds Field Earth Plowing Cloudy

There are Cinderella stories
And jackpots. Still nothing beats
The man searching for God in this revolving
Waste dump. God seem to adhere
To the NIMBY signs – Not in My Back Yard –
And lives in a far-away land
Too far for the sequoia ladders
Or the rain poles or even for that matter
Jack’s Bean Stalk.

And still we try to find God
In merciless sand dunes where nothing good grows.
We do charity seeking a photo
On a newspaper, or some vanity medals,
When charity should be an honorable
Act devoid of greed and personal ambition.
We pollute the environment
And waste energy – how many people
Turn off supplementary lights or working fans
Just to give back to our turquoise world?

And how can you find God
In these hazes, labyrinths of evil?
The littering of a beautiful world
With nonchalance and apathy.

Can we find God;
In love, In Juliet’s Balcony or Mumtaz’s Mausoleum?
In miracles, the premature birth that lived
Or the burn victim that survived
In innocence, a child in Disneyland?
Or a Down syndrome adult smiling for no reason?

How can you find God in this fucked up world?

And still you find God in the tiniest deeds
In a miserly tear or a helping hand,
When no one is looking, when the scoreboard
Doesn’t keep track. Or intervening at that defining
Moment to save another from downfall.

God can also be found
As a ghostly voice inside your conscience
That knows only how to scream
Inside a sound-proof room.

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