Landscape America Skyscrapers Metropolis Manhattan

They look North
And they see a welfare system
Of a generous maple leaf nation.
The sugar maple destinies of Syrian refugees
Slinking through Ataturk’s ambit
Through little geometries in Cappadocia.

They look South
They see mules stashed with babies
And fetuses, crossing the Chihuahua dessert
Plodding on cracked earth
Crawling through a little hole in a wired fence.
For a rendez-vous with Lady Liberty

They look West
They see the great ocean,
Nicknamed “peacekeeper”, an oxymoron of sorts,
Where great battles were once fought
On atolls and harbors
A dominion that acquiesces to forgive
And retains no memory

They look East
They see beds of beefy Atlantic Salmon
Outnumbering the sea plankton,
Now embellished with their Genetically Modified
Sisters and brothers, filling trawlers
With the catch of the ocean

And they look within
And they see two hands playing a piano
A piece, an opus, a score of little harmony
Where the privileged and the marginalized
Are at war, in a battle of color and disenchantment
Where a mosaic of 50 states are glued together
By the great promise of freedom

And years back,
Yankee Doodle sang of Uncle Sam
And the great patriots, of a nation like no other.
And America is still great, perhaps even the greatest;
For there is nothing greater
Than the sheer dissonance of democracy
Slaying the silent tyrant, Peace.

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