The policeman’s arms stood in a frenzy
Like he was preparing for the Olympics
A strange scarecrow appearance was there
About him, when he finally idled
His arms. My wife and I, were sitting in the car
Looking on in the traffic. We knew
April in Sri Lanka is when all the shoppers
Come out of their hibernations
To be enticed by the “SALE” signs.

While on the Coral tree
– Erythrina variegata – buds can be seen
About to fully open in bloom, while the leaves
Fall in abscission, to leave a skeleton-like
Structure blossoming in scarlet.

And the stealthy Asian Koel
Plays a time tested April fool’s tradition
With the crow, planting her eggs
In the crow’s nest.

And in a daily newspaper you hear
Of the unfathomable – A politician
Has died from complications
Of being honest. And everyone knows
That it only takes a white lie to sell a prank.
They laugh and read on

And in the pavement you find
Red cloths flaming in color
Tempting the passer-by. A day of pranks
Ushering in a month of festivities
When color is draped across
Waistlines and goodies seem to appear
Oil-fried and ready for feasting.

And on the sliding pole, you see
Men in sarongs, climbing and falling
While the pillows pack a punch
And the blindfolded throw all they have
At an empty clay pot.

And the purse in the pocket slims down
While waistlines beef up
And man can be seen in his happiest,
Knowing for a week, he is among
Kith and kin, renewing mainstays of tradition.

You hear “koo koo” everywhere.
Nature’s way of saying everyone is a little barmy
At this time of the year. And through April fools
And a new moon, we celebrate our mortality,
Of how civilization looks to a changing landscape
To celebrate renewal.

When bloom becomes the only staple.

– How we open our hearts
To welcome spring…..

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