An HIV Positive Man

I’m moving like a blinking eye lid Bewildered at guzzle power I’m dancing in my ballet shoes Pirouette kidnaps me. I’m too drunk to know whether I’m walking or flying I’ve lost consciousness of my feet. Drawn like a carriage are my limbs I’m engulfed by a woman that stands naked In front of me … Continue reading An HIV Positive Man

The Two Cheeks of Catholicism

Hands together praying In assemblies of holy warriors, Crusaders no longer battling Saladin Only the roly-poly waves Of atheism, as the leverage of religion Becomes fickle, embattled to a slow strain Of gradual extinction, with traces Of a Dodo-like madness. And here in this corner of Sri Lanka There is the emergence of the charismatic … Continue reading The Two Cheeks of Catholicism

Cats and Us

Our front yard, which is a deserted plot During the daylight hours Has now transformed to a little Comfort room for the neighborhood cats. Cats of so many diverse fur coats Brown and white, snowy all over, Dark as night and even the patchwork Can all be seen scanning for the ideal Spot to lay … Continue reading Cats and Us


  You’re just PLAIN MAD..... You should be hanging the genetically modified Sign around your neck – after all something Spurred you on to become a scary cat ######## You’re just a scarecrow on sugar Maddened by the very environment That raised you – padlocks on the gate Mosquito-proof netting on windows And a heart … Continue reading Anxiety


I look at my mother Bringing in item after item to the dinner table. A spread as rich as a King’s banquet. And I look at each one of us About to grab hold of a drumstick Or a fried prawn. And I wonder how she feels; She gives and gives, when giving is fighting … Continue reading Maternal


He was just a boy Wooden in bulk, edge and bough He was drawn from a design of pencil - Unlike the clay-made man – on Jepeto’s drawing board. A marionette, a type of stringed puppet. The boy could only recite poetic lies How the moon was made of passion fruit cheese cake And fireflies … Continue reading Pinocchio