Kyoto Protocol


We are like mother and child
Nature and man. Fed the nutrients of mother earth
We are nourished in food and oxygen
And yet we burn lungs and fossil fuel
To heat our turquoise sphere

Climate change engulfs man
Into the throat of a dark ominous reality
And Kyoto is our warrior, the Samurai
That will save us all, from the fires of hell
A protocol, a system of gradation, mitigating
The monstrous plumes of carbon dioxide

And all it takes is a hero with a sword
To battle a mélange of gases
Kyoto is our own swordsmanship
To save ourselves. While, far away in the antarctic
You will see the penguins marching on.
Unknowing that a sumo-size protocol
Too is marching on saving a planet
From the blade of anthropogenesis
In a cowardly act of self-interest.

It only takes a mastectomy of Gaia’s breasts
To plunge a blade in hara-kiri.
To disembowel life.

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