How can you forget
The cassette player or the video player?

Time flies like an albatross
Hurling itself to a lower altitude

I climb a ladder that seems
To burrow downwards

I look at a tape of ‘American Ninja’
And listen to ‘You Win Again’ by the Bee Gees

I’m a feather in retrograde locomotion
A relic of a time gone by

I’m trapped in a time tunnel
Spooled into little tapes. Self-preservation I call it.

And I listen to the treble voice
Of Barry Gibbs and I know

I can never go down an octave in time.
I’m replayed over and over

I’m my own playlist searching
For a bonus track from the 80s.

I look at my dad fiddling with a gramophone
And I know what entrapment is.

Living inside a shoe box, playing a music box
Lost like a picture of a teenager

In a milk carton. Time is my worst enemy.
In a reality I bemoan and loathe.

An analog watch keeps me company,
While I sip history like a cup of tea.

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