Learning from Quasimodo

Stunted bent man, like Quasimodo Begs for a few rupees And there’s something about him The workmanship, the richness in expression And the frugality of pain I wish I was him, so little to contend with And still content as a child Sipping a glass of milk. I’m my own shadow, the anorexic Man inside … Continue reading Learning from Quasimodo


How can you forget The cassette player or the video player? Time flies like an albatross Hurling itself to a lower altitude I climb a ladder that seems To burrow downwards I look at a tape of ‘American Ninja’ And listen to ‘You Win Again’ by the Bee Gees I’m a feather in retrograde locomotion … Continue reading 80s


One woman’s trinket is another woman’s gold. Objectivity is just as callous As a stubborn conscience. The greasy face of subjectivity Reasons to your senses; the waterworks, The taps inside your washer-less eyes Outpour caught in salty streams. Perception throws at you curveballs The cancer of a family member The aunt who fed the famished … Continue reading Perception