Life Lessons From A Coca Cola Bottle

Ocean Coca Cola Summer Bottle Vintage Beach Retro

She stands august and tall in front of me, as pure
And refined as her dark effervescent body

She tells me, be like a kola nut, large in heart’s body
But not as dumb and sleepy as an arboreal Koala

Sloth is a sin, the worst of sins. Caffeine is the spirit
In you that makes long miles short and hope

Longer than even a kite thread. And she tells me
The soul is a narcotic, the holy ghost, leafy palms

That recite prayers to the invisible and lingers in the ecstasy
Of soul accomplice, in a deliverance only love

And her bonanza can spoon. She tells me every mortal
Is a bottle corked in reality, yet dreams are bubbly and frothy

And carbonated to reveries of podia, the heights
Of love and one Aphrodite will serenade your heart

With the viola strings on her lips. Every bottle
Is a replica of clay and water, flesh and blood, yet dreams

Of the immortal, the divinity of reciprocation of a goddess’s body.
The hull that completes the tide, the oar that makes

Carnivore waves, the Venus that unhinges the deck nails.
And she says, all bottles are meant to be uncapped

And emptied of soul at one pre-destined estuary
When shelf life doesn’t matter, only who tasted the good in you.

Destiny is whose lips plunged you into another world
And hers will be the fault lines that swallow you.

And love is a dark fairy tale that froths your eyes
And palpitates you heart. When a dark extract of kola nuts

Becomes as nutty as pure folly, and one woman, accomplice
To a foolish heart, sips a whisk of coca leaves

Till beyond an eternity. And she tells me, the biggest life lesson
She can give me is, love will always be good till the last drop.

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