Boredom steadies the numbness Stoic is my surrogate alter ego, although I wish I was Batman Making all sorts of gadgets appear in the bat mobile. I drive a Suzuki Swift, so unlike the bird and yet A little like a namesake author’s work – My driving resembles A Pinta Island Tortoise, although Gulliver Beckons … Continue reading Jack

Elbow Street

Two girls walking hand in hand No pigtails here though, well past nubile age They walk like they have no care in the world And down elbow-street there are railings And they hold on to them in clutch or clasp, at times hold And elbow street hides the ulna and radius Two slender bone formations … Continue reading Elbow Street


Mirror image turned left to right Of the waist and above. The clarity of nomadic sight Brushstrokes of immortalization Of taking the mortal dimensions And nuances, and making A man, not just a man - A trompe de l’oeil. The chin-character and the lip-bloom And an articulation That surpasses the adjective-prone noun. The perfect alibi … Continue reading Self-Portrait


Just the ambivalence of not Having the security of memory Of the time-folded moment. Lapsed, carried on a ferry To a far-away land No recollection, no ribbon-tied Bonanzas of little fables With a message at the end. No fortune cookie endings, no aphorisms To knot, the idiosyncracy of knowing There is something and yet The … Continue reading Memory