A Kiss


Retrograde embalms the past
Like a wave that tumbled forward
Moving backwards, remembering the froth
In her path. The velvet svelte
Of a tropical sun, the lilac flames on the tip of lips
That were extinguished in primal contact
An odyssey of elation and sedation
A firm grip of what stood on the other shore
A bridge over a resistance-proof creek
A hummingbird’s winglets treading on a flower
Gentler than a butterfly. Quest of fire. A tantalizing dawn
Of juxtaposition, inching towards crash-landing.
Cutting a breath into half
And lending a moment into an eternity
Of the little proofs of love.
Drifting to a little pact, an armistice
Of lips drawn to melt, in thaw, an alloy of touch and taste
Burning to one spangled spark.
Some fodder for the grazers
Some soul food for the lovesick.

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