Beauty and beast

Belle answered the call
Of two banished lips. Beast was
Just a furry body of sprouting tendrils
That transformed the skin-deep.

[A kiss, a kiss, my fur for a kiss]

It seems Beast just wanted Belle
To see the man behind the mask.

A prince in a body-suit who
Always had a beautiful heart
Beneath layers of fur.

Sometimes it takes a leap of faith
To look through the ugly oyster shell
To find beautiful deposits of nacre.

Ugly is just the heart’s imperfection
A cataract lens tuned to human blemishes
Fogged from sight, a rare beauty
Of a heart worthy of love

Belle was just a courageous girl
Who blew a kiss with her heart wide open
Emboldened by the beauty of his heart
To unveil the prince behind the mane

Who will soon become
The only heir to her body.