Ooh La La – A Cheeky Poem

A cheeky wonder Of how a camelid came about Through evolution, to garnish A woman’s anatomy. Catacomb walls Of third base, flower with petals The idiosyncrasy of housing A little nubbin, that makes her blush And implore. Can you cut an apple To crescents? Any woman can and will. In juxtaposition you see two curling … Continue reading Ooh La La – A Cheeky Poem


I’m fascinated with the camelids The even toed ungulates, like the camels Humped mono or duo, dromedary or bactrian. Dromedary which means “runner” Can be see pacing in races in Alice Springs Or carrying kilos of grain in Fez And the bactrian is found moving idly along poppy fields Of Afghanistan. And these camels move … Continue reading Camel


Y is for the yak who muscles up To become a bison. Narcissus On mirrors, the buff brawned Hercules. Y is for yellow, from jaundice to gold Of skin tone and glow of youth. Y is also a little chromosome That make the testicles sink And the keratin sprout and a little Soprano voice go … Continue reading Y


The ghostly face Of our mistakes, the sorry-stamped road The foul language in a tribunal of love The unnecessary slur at the end of a sentence The neglect of fallow earth. The idle shoulders estranged of touch We make our own slip-ups. We err when we are the closest And home is just a revolving … Continue reading Sorry