Autumn Apples and Pears

Couple 2

We yearn for the summer, to feed
Us with sun tan, cricket, a little bit of firewater,
A crispy packet of chips, being broken into two
On mandibular doormats.
And summer, carries the red eye of aero planes
Being drunk to the tonsils, dancing to red bull
And Pitbull, the revelry of journeying
And partying, wanderlust and lust for life.

And I look in the mirror, of a past that is too far,
And a future too near. Autumn was
Only coronating the feet with scabs
And dry skin. Youth was just a plum
That dried to a raisin, and a juicy grape
That transformed into a dry wine.

And through the dentures and false teeth
I pour out my summer to my teenage grand children
How a man lived to see the other side of youth
A man who made love of one woman
An idolatry; defying the de facto rule
Of warm bloodedness; an iconoclast
That let his heart rule his groin

And I look at my exfoliating hair
And deciduous fat; still I know that in spite of it all
I will always be Adonis or Endymion to my wife.
A 60 year old man with a little fat around the edges
And completely obese inside his heart.

How breathtaking is it when
A fat apple and a juicy pear are juxtaposed
In a moment indefinable to any transience.
Two autumn people estranged from everything
Letting twig-chemistry light
A fire uncomplicated by lust.

How beautiful is it when dentures come off
For lips to converse free of words.

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