There are so many Barbie wannabes
And so few Marie Curies
As a gender dances to the tune
Of chauvinist pigs.

How they want to grow breasts, hips
And buttocks, to gather the eyes
For a harvest of flesh. And yet, the harvest of multiplying
Intellect grains, is rarely her pursuit.

And Barbie is the baptism of a gender
To a practice of physical self-worth
When the beauty of what she holds inside
A large granary on top, is just
A little paycheck at most.

Women are their worst enemies.
They are always measuring their self-worth
With a measuring tape. Not dimension-proofing
Their bodies and turning to an education
To multiply their worth.

And I wonder why there are no Marie Curie
Or Malala Barbies. Perhaps we live in am axiological world
Valued on beauty and not knowledge.
So what if Ken was valued on the bulge in his pants
And not on his academic pursuits.

And Malala will stand alone in a podium
When a near-naked Barbie will walk on stage
Filled with nearly 200 Barbies…
To become the queen of a pageant
A pageant that will cage millions of women
Behind skin bars. Beauty is only a green mile from birth
To Botox. Where a woman goes through so
Many stages of beautification to become
Her own primal enemy.

How ugly is it that a woman’s body
Can be bought for such a cheap price,
A cheesy pick-up line, or even worse,
A fake compliment.

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