Accidentally in Love


When two vehicles collide
We call it an accident. When two bodies crash
At an interface, that too is an accident of sorts.
We build our histories with caryatids
Staunch columns of women who you love and love you back.
Still you erase some with sand-paper abrasions
The misguided arrows that you blame on Cupid
– It was all the babe’s fault.

We fumble, drag, tiptoe, jump
To a body so unlike ours. What is stranger
Than the hanging orchards or sparser
Than the keratin forests. Still you take it as a challenge
To throw the angler’s hook to an ocean of like-bodied replicas
Just to make a first impression. When we come
Up with the cheesiest pick-up lines
And still, there’s nothing remotely strange
In a fish liking the aura of cheese.
Soon we are tumbling, falling, scoring
An intuitive science-unbased feeling
That is as much a mystery, as it is vivid yet strange.
Poets over the years have called it, amour.

And one day, in late autumn, seated on an armchair
Sipping a cup of Ceylonese tea, you will look back
And see how accidental the beginning was.
How a dumb pick-up line that had
A shelf-life of a few seconds, is still running its course.
It seems you’re one of the lucky ones.
And luck was the wriggling annelid
On the angler’s hook, you accidently picked up from the soil
And the hook, you accidently picked up that morning
And a fish in the sea, that accidently smelled
A little treat and a solitary catch, that was so strange
Around the flesh, so beautifully finned,
You just couldn’t throw back to the ocean.

Its strange how two people in a bar made
A cheesy pick up line stay for an eternity.
And they say love is cheesy. And that’s true.
It stays for a lifetime in spite
Of the holey craters, the blue streaks, the patchwork oddities,
Inoculated fungi, even the foul smell
And the sour taste. It is truly amazing, how a little space
Inside a cooling chamber, preserves
A wheel of Gorgonzola.

Just like the wretched heart preserves love.

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