Love explained by Science


Its amazing that oxytocin
Is the love hormone, the nurturer
The collector, a philanthropic strain in you.
Science though is in a compound fix
Trying to rationalize love. It is dimension-less
Unit free, absent of measurable-forces,
Lacks both conjecture and hypothesis
Or for that matter proof or conclusion.
It is the perfect mystery
Like many other unexplainable phenomena
Like the holy ghost, placebo effect, deja-vu
Or hangover. It has no physical identity
Except that you burn some 70 calories
When love is combusted at an interface.
It’s a phenomenon no egghead will be able to
To break open through a crusty shell
It is only a dwelling place of awe and boggle.
Still it is justifiable by a little bit of chemistry
– How man and woman are polar and reaction prone -.
And just like sodium and chloride
Man and woman too form a beautiful salt
A preservative that you keep inside a salt shaker
And sprinkle on the marriage bed