I Love You

I smelled you like a jasmine in the night Stumbled upon your scarlet lips And made a sweet pledge To only know your divine taste. And with time, you grew To a striking woman who could never Be toppled over by the wind or fate or god. And I knew your lips were only Heaven’s … Continue reading I Love You


I’m not a lent man. Asking me to fast Or not pour down fizz drinks is asking too much. Tea and beer though, both drinks on the fringes of bitter, I would give up. So what makes us passionate About some things, while we readily give up on others. I don’t know, but let me … Continue reading Lent

O for Ovary

She is cramping up That dreaded time of the month, Of stomach cramps and vicious nausea. How a follicle, debris and lining Will collapse and come down In a flash. She takes a wine glass Sips it to forget, knowing that she Can never fake that time of the month Like she fakes the other … Continue reading O for Ovary


In coconut cups and sequin bottoms She was the dancing queen of the Rio carnival While in California, a boy walks to the Mardi Gras To shelve his masks and say I’m no longer the closet boy And in Sri Lanka, a man wakes up to Shrove Tuesday Walks to a confessional, before lent begins … Continue reading Xylology