The System

They say the white boy cannot milk The system. His only welfare Is a map of hierarchy, where He stands on top among the white fellows. Privilege in the 21st century Has become Lucifer’s virtue. All the while the Indian kid Born to the Computer Engineer from Calcutta Enters Harvard on merit. Genes are erecting … Continue reading The System


The fiery motion of locomotion The ear-shattering horns. A million cars on lanes That know no margin. The smoke trails And the slow migration from home To bureau. The long stretches of asphalt The jumping mud puddles And the fading zebra crossings All uniting on a surface Where wheels are in slow motion. And in … Continue reading Colombo

Ephemeral Beauty

Perhaps I should light a match And count the number of seconds it lasts. The ephemerality of most things. The kiss that blazes and dies In a flash. The ending of a movie That opens the waterworks. The Canvas that your eyes glean Beauty from. And there is no picture-perfect Science to appreciation. You open … Continue reading Ephemeral Beauty

Imperfect Haiku Poems (To raise awareness of domestic violence)

Gossamer A cardboard woman Braving a paper moon Torn in lip Breaking-in Mandible and hymen Once border control agents Now crash test dummies Moon-landing She had the pout Lips that broke like china In to an impact crater Fists A perennial woman In a geisha mask Playing hide and seek Battered The wife finally becomes … Continue reading Imperfect Haiku Poems (To raise awareness of domestic violence)

Kyoto Protocol

We are like mother and child Nature and man. Fed the nutrients of mother earth We are nourished in food and oxygen And yet we burn lungs and fossil fuel To heat our turquoise sphere Climate change engulfs man Into the throat of a dark ominous reality And Kyoto is our warrior, the Samurai That … Continue reading Kyoto Protocol

Learning from Quasimodo

Stunted bent man, like Quasimodo Begs for a few rupees And there’s something about him The workmanship, the richness in expression And the frugality of pain I wish I was him, so little to contend with And still content as a child Sipping a glass of milk. I’m my own shadow, the anorexic Man inside … Continue reading Learning from Quasimodo


How can you forget The cassette player or the video player? Time flies like an albatross Hurling itself to a lower altitude I climb a ladder that seems To burrow downwards I look at a tape of ‘American Ninja’ And listen to ‘You Win Again’ by the Bee Gees I’m a feather in retrograde locomotion … Continue reading 80s


One woman’s trinket is another woman’s gold. Objectivity is just as callous As a stubborn conscience. The greasy face of subjectivity Reasons to your senses; the waterworks, The taps inside your washer-less eyes Outpour caught in salty streams. Perception throws at you curveballs The cancer of a family member The aunt who fed the famished … Continue reading Perception