Tragedy of America


How the world revolves
Around the mania in the Unites States !
Scientists are at rallies blaming the Trumpist movement
For not being the climate change faithful.
The common folk blame the new white house
Of being brash and ignorant.
The poets rally around shame and guilt
The shame of being part of a rightist government
And the guilt of the conscience
Of how the masses didn’t vote in Bernie.

And through this terrible amalgamation
Of divisive color and heritage
We see the anarchy of democracy
Ravaging the diners, the malls and the town halls,
Of how a nation of curd and honey
Of shale oil and cobs of corn
Of run-down ghettos in South Carolina
And mansions in Beverly Hills
Of street paupers and the Hollywood rich
Still looms in darkness.

And men in a little Barber shop
In Georgia, where black men gather
And a little mosque in New York
Where Muslims frequent, look in disbelief
At the renaissance of the white American.
Of how a little bald white man who used
To scream discrimination, looks different now
Holding privilege in his hands.

America was not divided by hate, only by
The disparity of wealth. When black translates
To poverty and how a skull cap resonates
Affluence and how the Indian-American
Owns Silicon Valley. The legacy of being too young
In an old world. Too infantine to understand
That the mammoth economy does not always
Run on market forces and
That democracy is best served from
The breasts of lady liberty.