Demand and supply has relevance
To the commerce of man and woman
A fiery encounter when you split
Fire, pleasure and vibration, to take her to the cosmic orbitals
She wants you to. O is a letter in the alphabet
A vowel that can be slipped through
In rolled tongue, blown in rolled lip curvature
And made into blitz and kindle, in rolled positions.
And through the fine craft and bilateral trade
Of a practice, O becomes
The center of a universe, a celestial supernova.
O is the destination of both the nomad and the time-traveler
The full bloom and the inflorescence
The whistling kettle and the trapped turbulence
A pollination syndrome
Choreographing the perfect musical on stage
[Le petite mort the French call it]
O is the climate change-impacted weather
El-Nino and La-Nina, fire storms and migrating glaciers
Cyclones swirling in wind-forced punch
Flame-silhouetted dance caught in Cuban motion
The hymn of the valley crying
For the river to flood.

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