Tragedy of America

  How the world revolves Around the mania in the Unites States ! Scientists are at rallies blaming the Trumpist movement For not being the climate change faithful. The common folk blame the new white house Of being brash and ignorant. The poets rally around shame and guilt The shame of being part of a … Continue reading Tragedy of America

Coin Collection

I look at my coin collection Old and new, copper and brass Rupees and cents, a reminder That the little circles that we fondly Slipped inside a till, were blown away By paper and plastic. The collections That we treasured falling through A black hole, to time. Now we are filled With a careless strain … Continue reading Coin Collection


Demand and supply has relevance To the commerce of man and woman A fiery encounter when you split Fire, pleasure and vibration, to take her to the cosmic orbitals She wants you to. O is a letter in the alphabet A vowel that can be slipped through In rolled tongue, blown in rolled lip curvature … Continue reading O