Seated at the corner I see the vehicles pass me by The traffic of runaway traction And I holding on to my beige coat. I have a Big Mac, a coke and a little apple pie in my hand. My so called American lunch. I’m immovable from this moment. Stuck in a rot in my … Continue reading Lethargy


Sleepless fool Blinks to the edge of fall To the last rites of a peace All wars prostrate to. Sleepless is a sentence A mile of conscious emotions Making you weary And needing the beauty Of the armistice of self And selfless, the mutiny Of the pineal gland, To make reason deficient Of her essence. … Continue reading Sleep


They say Sri Lanka, a tiny island Nation has so many gay men masquerading As straight, in sparsely ploughed marriages The nucleus of which gets bigger With the arrival of the first born. How difficult must it be to make a tiny clit Muscled like Hercules, to make love With a space suit on – … Continue reading Pantomime