Through the clouded fog You retreat from the street bazaar To burrow inside a cottage, A feeling that you’re under the terrain Lost to the flesh and haunted by a haven’s Carnal solitude. A fireplace summoning You to be one with the earth And the flow of bodies undulating Like ocean beasts with froth And … Continue reading India


In the contradiction to worth In the submission of self To the outer perimeters of brick Laid in flesh, you remember That the home, in-spite a flesh haven, Is too, a bed for the lover, a sanctuary for the friend And an outhouse for the stranger. And in these vicissitudes, Man needs to be giving … Continue reading Humility

The Black Woman

To hell with the white chicks with floral dresses. She’s the devil in bed, a black woman On the back seat of a bus A seat that barely fits her big booty No wonder the black man walks behind his ‘sister’. The brother is in dire hoop pains, In aching need, to molest his palms … Continue reading The Black Woman

What is Work?

Is the Nerudesque love of a body of work? Is it poetic, in cascade, a license To be so myself, in an alien planetary system Where restitution is a paycheck That makes rings of flavored sweetness Inside your mental orbitals. Then is it a Newtonian Measurement of gravity, of the love of earth, Of how … Continue reading What is Work?