Suzuki Swift

Japanese exclusiveness The pumping goodyears, the popcorn airbags And the lightning speedometers And a knowledge that there are Crash Test Dummies in a Tokyo Warehouse Squashed and rammed with a similar model. You know Japanese technology Is how you vroom the mapless terrain Of an island, searching for serendipity. We drive with condensed water leaking … Continue reading Suzuki Swift


The devil is everywhere in Sri Lanka He is there in wooden masks, with red tongues And curled green locks. He is there is drums That make havoc of dance. He is there in dance When we eat fire and swirl our toes To the noise of his two drum heads. He is there in … Continue reading Love

At a Gay Night Club

When my friend Niro Asked me to accompany him to a Gay Night Club In Australia, I declined. That was one step too far For me. I was petrified of a forcible sexual encounter Or even a gin-soaked man fondling my testicles Or I walking in on two men consensually Making the wall, a vertical … Continue reading At a Gay Night Club