Love – Defined

We are freaks that freak out When we are too close Unknowing that claustrophobia Of a little locality is what uproots A meadow of little grass roots And love, isn’t it a grassroots movement Of how underground fibers hold Together the beautiful blades That radiate from nodes And rise towards the morning sun For some … Continue reading Love – Defined

San Francisco

What is the attraction of San Francisco Bridge? Is it the flaming orange, Of the black box, called the human mind Which records all the turbulence. And we bemoan a righteous death. When we are as ominous as the smog Curling into our eyes. We are moral freaks And death is the height of our … Continue reading San Francisco

Guantanamo Bay

He wakes up Looks at a little book and recites Lines from right to left Some moments of purification For a man in a 6 by 8 room. And he summons god, A beautiful god who could make A woman modest, a man committed And love a conjugal language; And afterwards, looks back at his … Continue reading Guantanamo Bay

Potato Farmer in Peru

While a potato farmer gathers a tuber in Peru We are gathering tubers, swollen Anatomies that make us Cry of longing of despair, helpless Like a refugee in Manus island Or a prisoner in Guantanamo bay We have a heart that swells When a potato field is not just so many Eyes summoning you, it … Continue reading Potato Farmer in Peru