Bipedal mean we journey on two foot.
And with binocular vision, we are equipped
With the baroreceptors of aesthetic beauty.
We journey not just on the metatarsals
And the talus bone. We are able-bodied beings
Counting down a span called life. Of when
Biconvex lenses see beauty, which we refract
Through the lens of time, moments to memories.
Beauty that is so far-spanning, like the perfect sunset
A witty metaphor, a poem that explores the human experience
And love, that you journey from seconds to epochs.
And the wanderlust of how an exotic place
Like the human heart can hide so many
Beautiful landscapes, a sunrise, vegetation
The culture of a strange land
And the forbearance of time we journey in.
And one day, on our deathbed, we will
Only remember the wanderlust, the exoticism
Of a chamber, the strange feeling that grows
In familiarity, until it is immortal. And
A story of how the foreigner became a native
Where the streets have no names.
And postboxes travel time.