Change Of Heart


The KKK clansmen will one day
Look at the strange black fruit and think how beautiful
The saturation of color is, the hues of ebony
Of onyx and grand pianos.
And as times change, the black fruit
Will transform to the palate of progressive ideals
Dizzy Gillespie and the bebop
Doing the white bars in the stubborn south
The confederacy flags devolving from
The masts of white churches
Appalachians of redneck opinions
Trembling to the tremors of the rocky earth
As magnolias and asters bloom in the prairies
With the doom of the swastikas
And one day soon, a clansman will walk
Down the nave of a black church in the deep south
Wearing a black tuxedo and shining black shoes
To exchange vows, his nuptials with love,
The widow of his hate.

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