Growing Up

Your spring. When you can’t choose the flowers From the color, name, height of the stalk Or how broad the petals are. You choose in the sodden dark, The road taken, with no forewarning, no meteorology forecasts No compasses, only the chemicals that dance Stringing you to a Punch and Judy show. And we were … Continue reading Growing Up


When a woman curls some locks of hair With her impatient fingers Or when she is curling The tongue mass from the center, Or for that matter When she is curling a pout with her lips You know she is uncurling the knots in her heart To give you her body in so many different … Continue reading Curlicue


Bipedal mean we journey on two foot. And with binocular vision, we are equipped With the baroreceptors of aesthetic beauty. We journey not just on the metatarsals And the talus bone. We are able-bodied beings Counting down a span called life. Of when Biconvex lenses see beauty, which we refract Through the lens of time, … Continue reading Wanderlust

Change Of Heart

The KKK clansmen will one day Look at the strange black fruit and think how beautiful The saturation of color is, the hues of ebony Of onyx and grand pianos. And as times change, the black fruit Will transform to the palate of progressive ideals Dizzy Gillespie and the bebop Doing the white bars in … Continue reading Change Of Heart