What is Toothpaste?


Toothpaste, a concoction, chemicals-based
Or through herbal extracts
Makes our teeth whiter
Enamel stronger and dentine less
Prone to caries

It is like a shield, a protectant
To our day-to-day lives. How we hovercraft
Past using technology when we can paddle
With an oar the catamaran
With two hulls and one deck.

And toothpaste is what holds
Us together, the smile that betrays the inside
And forges bridges outside.
And there is something called
Fluoride, a little anion that has
More attraction power – to electrons – than any
Other ionized element.

Just like a smile, a fluoride smile
Fortifying the rock-terrace on your face
How we are just mongers of what
Blooms in silence, in mirth and in makeshift
Even in weather-proofing
And takes a stranger home
For some hospitality. For a cup of tea
On a cold rainy day.