Rosa Parks Fast Forward

There are dreams made on the back seat of the bus Not just of lovers but of thinkers Who made love with their past lives, their heritages Seated on the rear seats. Of how their ancestors jaywalked outside black lines On zebra crossings inside a bus Like Rosa Parks did. And wondering how difficult must … Continue reading Rosa Parks Fast Forward


I know some countdowns will never start Or end. Of life, the launches that we do In our bedrooms, in our heart and in our books. We make hairstyles redundant, And some avant-garde, and a little difference In how the privileged call all the shots. The dichotomy of stripes and stars. In one first-world country … Continue reading America

Forever Brown

I look in at the beauty of many poems That wail human emotions Knowing I can climb the sacred mount. It is not the distance between heartbreak And despair that cries louder, only what lies between discrimination And struggle. A brown man with sooty eyes And a jaded heart, lurks in every good man’s conscience, … Continue reading Forever Brown


In the garden, in the midst of roses in bloom The Cycas rising, bamboo curling And a Kandyan Dancer orchid Holding the cynosure with her Canary yellow labellum. It seems yellow always takes Center stage, like the sun in all her splendor Moon in all her perfection And an orchid reminding us Of the dancers … Continue reading Yellow

Forest Whitaker

And I tell you Why I’m a black man from the south. I see the eye of hate What takes little rednecks with an amber beard To bring me down, the sturdy ebony wood. I don’t have a lazy eye, what science calls Amblyopia Like Forrest Whittaker But I have my charm for a big … Continue reading Forest Whitaker

What is Toothpaste?

Toothpaste, a concoction, chemicals-based Or through herbal extracts Makes our teeth whiter Enamel stronger and dentine less Prone to caries It is like a shield, a protectant To our day-to-day lives. How we hovercraft Past using technology when we can paddle With an oar the catamaran With two hulls and one deck. And toothpaste is … Continue reading What is Toothpaste?


The combed leaves Makes hairstyles on the ground. And the wind – the comb – arranges Tiers, strata, lines, little formations Of how coronation day Is not just about the crown You will inherit, also the beauty Of the strings. Of leaves. Of hair. Autumn is beautiful. It is when you realize The slogan “age … Continue reading Autumn