Poem to my unborn son, if you’ll ever be


I’m a boy in a man’s suit
Which makes you illegitimate to my statutes of law
But age tells me otherwise;
That my gametes can swim to any moon.

Your mom was a class lady
She made me fall for her in so many different ways
Love, knee jerks, heart skips
Head over heels like a clown doing a handstand.
Completely, saturated in what I could not understand,
How eclipses to one woman, are encountered so often.

And we made you on stage as a punch and judy show
When two puppets stringed by your expectation, your need
Made thrush physics a play of bodies. After 9 months
You came out, a little mosaic of flesh
Like the marble cake your mom makes,
And you were mouthwatering to all my senses
To sentience and synesthesia.
It was only then I became a full fledged man.

A man who could hold onto you neck
Where the skull bones fit the Atlas vertebra
I was Atlas now, holding the weight of you in my arms.
What made me and broke me at the same time.
How your nose was a little like mine
And how your eyes were syrupy maple
A little alloy of my genes and your mother’s

And now we will raise you in our home
Until you grow wings; your dreams
When you will leave the nest, the pouch, the den
Never to return.

Now let me to tell you about the ocean….
It is mysterious yet full of color
It is saturated with beauty and poisons.
With little islands and trenches.
Beautiful reefs with coral.

And somewhere out in the ocean
There is a mermaid with no scales
Whispering out your name.

Find her and your life will be complete my son

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