Finding Tuesday

You think of Monday The blues, the rhapsody of anxiety The work tumbling like the tide The possibility of a heart attack Or worse a stroke [Some garlic bread please for the heart ailments] And then you still look through the mania Grab hold of an oar Paddle past seconds, minutes and hours To a … Continue reading Finding Tuesday

Galle Fort

The walls, the ramparts Preserve the eroded structures. And if you’re lucky enough You will see the lone horse Grazing on a patch of grass stubs, Lost to his own bubbling hunger. Oblivious of strange-colored eyes that loiter The surroundings. While in the restaurants Coffee is being served, over-prized yet Delicately flavored in hazel nut … Continue reading Galle Fort


Eliot compared you to the catholic church. You’re as holy as that to the natural sciences. A hog with an armored suit That spends her daylight hours Inside a hole filled with mud. A mammoth body that idles submerged In thick sheets of chocolaty-water. A fat log of hog that spends Her time in a … Continue reading Hippo

Poem to my unborn son, if you’ll ever be

I’m a boy in a man’s suit Which makes you illegitimate to my statutes of law But age tells me otherwise; That my gametes can swim to any moon. Your mom was a class lady She made me fall for her in so many different ways Love, knee jerks, heart skips Head over heels like … Continue reading Poem to my unborn son, if you’ll ever be

Man’s Redemption

Man is slandered and persecuted by rumor As the hunter and the sex-god The boner that defines his gender. And he is only, a spoon with sugar Extending to a hidden mouth with drool Hoping that it is not just indulgence, A sugar rush, he gives. He too sees a bald moon in her eyes, … Continue reading Man’s Redemption

Nostalgia (Dedicated to all my friends)

You can’t make a microscopic slide Of a bone to see what life exists inside. You can still take a photograph From the past, to see bubbling eyes Frothing skin and time climbing out Through the silhouette of a loved one To connect a day of remembrance With an epoch of life We are always … Continue reading Nostalgia (Dedicated to all my friends)

Women of Mystery

She doesn’t always come out of the mouth Of a toothpaste tube. Fact not fiction. That is the cardinal rule for a woman. It is the mystery, the allure, the face-veil We don’t see past. The mystique. And in India and Sri Lanka, women Marry men they have never set their eyes on, Arranged marriages, … Continue reading Women of Mystery

Michael Jackson

The legacy of a man Supposedly Of two skins Of two poles Of two shoes And one moon Where he walked on With glide, poise and steal. Talent is not how you Make a crescent, a circle It is not how you make jaundice, gold It is how you pour Moonbeams into a million hearts … Continue reading Michael Jackson