Sex In Reverse Time

Sleep Sheets Bed Sex Feet Erotism In Love Toes

I made the clock go backwards
Counter clockwise while making love.
It was amazing how quick
The orgasm came – in reverse
And I didn’t need to do any kissing or foreplay.

I was like a match stick that blazed
And burnt in one flash.
Like seeing God in an epiphany

And my wife looked at me sheepishly
And asked me whether it was good.
And I knew it was the best sex I’ve had.
No effort, no slow music, no candles

Just an orgasm from back to front.
Like a rocket that launched without a countdown.

I smiled at my wife and walked away.
No soreness, no tiredness
Nor feeling like a prized idiot
Who wasted his whole Sunday morning
Making love.

And I reset the clock,
Knowing I had just reversed the order of things.

And it took me some time to realize……….

How much beauty was there in the climb
And how beautiful the scenery was
Of a woman in so many geometries
Swallowing not just your eye.

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