In a game Where you want to see A giraffe climb or an elephant push You have the giants of the game With even bigger hearts Making the climb to where Everything is found in A basket, that one dunk Or one free throw or one hook shot Becomes a hamper And the word hamper … Continue reading Basketball

Sex In Reverse Time

I made the clock go backwards Counter clockwise while making love. It was amazing how quick The orgasm came - in reverse And I didn’t need to do any kissing or foreplay. I was like a match stick that blazed And burnt in one flash. Like seeing God in an epiphany And my wife looked … Continue reading Sex In Reverse Time

A War Mum with a New Born

Gravity-defying stunt Of how the lap-work cradle Of a mother, in horizontal transfer, Makes little waves of sleep Under an ebony tree. He sleeps through the sounds Of night owls and fruit bats Not knowing the difference Between the two. Yet looking constantly out at The breast that feeds, the child suckles The nectar, not … Continue reading A War Mum with a New Born