Girl You’ll Be a Woman Soon (A Neil Diamond Song)

It’s not about chastity belts Or pledges of perennially-crossed legs It’s not about how big the pom-poms On her chest are, that cheer on anatomy lessons Nor is it about the hemlines – the maxi and the mini - That lift effortlessly to Aeolus’s pouts It’s all about how she welds adamantine In to her … Continue reading Girl You’ll Be a Woman Soon (A Neil Diamond Song)

What is Poetry?

Poetry needs no word. It is anticipation to drip The steering wheel to the rear view mirror It is flow and ebb It is open and closure It fills and empties It blooms and wilts It forms and mal-forms It is life and then death It quenches and drains I tell my students that it … Continue reading What is Poetry?

The Story of Us

We are the glow, we are the dullness We are born as rhinoceros beetles, with a unicorn’s horn On our tips and ledges We eventually become fireflies We transform, we metamorphose We renew our bodies from solitude to solace. When we molt the unicorn’s horn And make light pour in from another white-lighter And we … Continue reading The Story of Us

Ode to My Father

I remember my father Scolding me “Don’t do that” And in that don’t There are a lot of dos Enough for a million vows Where an invisible bond is mightier Than the vow between man and woman. A bond of gamete and gamete donor. How a bald-headed man Makes a verb – do – do … Continue reading Ode to My Father


When a leaf falls, it leaves behind a legacy A node, a nook bared of a garment And I wonder what my legacy would be. Would I change the shape of a Pizza? Or just one degree of the tower of Pisa? In that gulf, I’m engulfed by my own frailty. Of how the moon … Continue reading Legacy