We give, when giving takes a chunk Out of us. We give still, knowing that there is a boomerang We don’t see, making poetic turns in the sky. Karma, in all her twists and turns, summersaults and dives Playing a game, of inverses and reversals. Yet sometimes we give, transcending gain Or clause or condition … Continue reading Compassion

Saving Santa from Climate Change

Smoking weed is no crime. Smoking coal is though. When a strapping chimney breaks The arctic and Santa Clause with it. And deep in the arctic, there is a fawn With a red nose that will never see a sleigh. When fields of terrestrial lichens Cease to be, and so will the food chains That … Continue reading Saving Santa from Climate Change

A Sad Truth

The kite loses her color. And the tea gets cold in front of me. The simple pleasures of life Turning morbid. And I, looking through A magnifying glass, at my feather deficiency Which like anemia will not be solved By taking iron supplements. Synthetic chemistries. And how can happiness prosper When she is only a … Continue reading A Sad Truth