Tributes to Mom and Dad


A Tribute to My Mom

You don’t remember climbing out
Of a drainage tube.
You don’t even recall every birthday cake
She made, staying up all night.
You have no idea how she put you to sleep
Singing a lullaby that she learnt from her own mother.
And yet you remember, every passing second of your life,
How she with her bare hands
Carved a basin in your heart
And filled it with jello.

A Tribute to my Dad

You stood with pen and pencil
When the cover opened to page
You made little moments
Store inside frosted refrigerators
You made me the village lad
And a cosmopolitan man
And bought me dozens of Kavi Poth (Poetry Books)
Long before fate crushed me
And left me at an infirmary.
And when I needed you the most
When I was just a babe in the woods
You sprouted an umbilical cord.

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