Tributes to Mom and Dad

A Tribute to My Mom You don’t remember climbing out Of a drainage tube. You don’t even recall every birthday cake She made, staying up all night. You have no idea how she put you to sleep Singing a lullaby that she learnt from her own mother. And yet you remember, every passing second of … Continue reading Tributes to Mom and Dad

Heart to Heart

The heart is a giant chamber With a lot of fat on the surroundings. Hiding nothing except pints of blood. Pumping blood to every organ, cell, organelle Or every spindle of fiber. There is no soul there. It fills with What keeps you oxygenated And immuned. A space of little changes And larger volumes. And … Continue reading Heart to Heart

The Monarch

They search for a new frontier A new land, through the Rockies and the Appalachians Over the thickets and prairies They fly to a mystical land that once belonged to the Aztecs And Mayans, where Avocado trees rise Tall and strong and little Mexicans Make the long mile for a notorious freedom. And they fly … Continue reading The Monarch


We don’t converse as we did before. Perhaps the cycles in our vocal chords Have run their lengthy revolutions. Maybe we Bite our teeth more, clench them every time We can’t seem to find a new topic. Maybe we were those oranges, peeled And squeezed, until all the juice was poured. , So what do … Continue reading Us