Between the bone and the boner Lies tender meat. Betrayed by metamorphosis A butterfly emerges to smell the wild flowers On the side of the road. A boy’s journey On his crossroad taken. An eclipse, of how toys grow Flesh on bone, glow on fat and curves on anatomy At all the right places For … Continue reading Adolescence

On The Outside

How beautiful must it be To hold your seeds on the outside Like a strawberry does To be blue eyed. To have a blue note about you. How beautiful is the full moon To show all her craters to every moon-gazer To rest calm on her sky pedestal And how beautiful is the child in … Continue reading On The Outside


We drive the Lamborghinis And yet we marry the Volkswagens The giant spherical headlights The curve of the hood, open cleavage on top. The arching bottom and a pouted front. And a strangeness that never depreciates with time. It’s all about beetle mania. About an ageless Car that everyone wants that I keep in my … Continue reading Volkswagen


The kite and the wind Beautiful partners, in the choreography Of matter and medium. Flesh and drift. They dance like there’s no tomorrow In somersaults and flips And when the wind gathers speed The kite dances stronger And the thread hangs on to the tension Knowing how steep the final climb is, to heaven, And … Continue reading Orgasm

Child Labor

My wife brings home a jar of Nutella From the Supermarket. And each time you spread Nutella You spread billions of acres of melanin Of little boys who work in Cocoa plantations On your conscience. [And that thought suffices to keep you alive] Knowing that something inside of you is eclipsed By child-labor. When a … Continue reading Child Labor

Love (On Valentine’s Day)

If you can untie the knots of your brains And take every neuron synapsed with serotonin And throw them back on your senses You would. If you take that sweet spot of your orgasm And stitch on your lips You would [Then kissing would be the shortest point to brink, to overflow] And still, you … Continue reading Love (On Valentine’s Day)

In Venice

We are riding a gondola In Venice. She, my wife is resting her head Gazing at the canals and the architecture While the Gondolier sings a song We can barely understand. We are powered by gaze-chemistry And smile-bloom. Imagining how mythical Beauty is when standing still in time Just like Venice does. A Moustached man … Continue reading In Venice