We’ve seen beauty. We’ve seen the dazzling. The bedazzling. The outright breathtaking. And we’ve seen a bomb kill throngs of children. And we still search for a magical portion Or a magic wand. We look below at wishing wells. We open bottles with genies. Searching for a quick fix to beauty. Beauty is found when … Continue reading Beauty


You showed the whole world How easy it is to blind me Hang me upside down And feed me little by little With a fruit, whose palpitations Make a little echo that I gravitate to My wings afloat, heart in flutter And hind limbs in motion. A little feeling dancing inside Ushering in a little … Continue reading Chiroptera

A Valentine’s Day Poem 3

The journeys of the body Till daylight is no more The hip bones that dance And an apple that sings The strikes of the clockwork That death rattle of the deepest splinter The temples we pilgrim to The holy grounds we worship And the gods we blaspheme...