Why my Wife and I don’t make Love All Night……..

Love making

Hmmm, making love all night
Like Boyz-II-Men and other boy bands of the 90s
Sing, is no easy feat. For instance my anatomy
Or mis-anatomy, which I would love to call “Mr Big”
Has a short shelf life, slayed by his own
Need to detonate like a grenade or gun.

My wife and I have never made love all night.
One hour feels like heaven to us
And that too with a lot of foreplay
And afterglow. It seems I’m not one
With the Casanova genes, and I don’t seem to be able
To make my crazy stick stand for a lifetime
And still, I think of myself as a sex-god.
– Just like any grown man does….

My wife and I, we love what we do in bed.
She loves reading facebook and I, doing my work
And when everything is done for the night
We make love one or two times a week
And that too doesn’t push the clock
Or make the hour-glass to
Do hand-stands.

My wife and I, are just two regular people
Jo and Joe, who know deep in the heart
Sex is not the wheels to our marriage. It is just
A pastime that burns and fades, just like a lot
Of other pasttimes. Still, we sleep all night
Knowing we deserve every minute
Of our beauty sleep.

Sex, even after marriage, feels like a sin we collude in
And sleep is, when two people unconsciously
– In juxtaposition – make love without confluence
And yet, it is beautifully refreshing
Even blissful in the right doses.

Sloth it seems, is our preferred sin,
To go the distance, all night long.
And it is outright deadly – a whole slap of cardinal.

And I tell all my good buddies over drinks
– Glowing from head to toe –

“My wife and I go all night, all the time” …..

“In sin”.

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