The smell of gases that a tiny hole throws Is caught by the nose A little aroma from your end-plumbing That other noses repulse And yours rejoice. There is nothing remotely musical As that little noise in your colon Caught in a colon-burp Accompanying a little heartbeat, a little drag of lungs And some finger … Continue reading Fart

Hero (Virgin No More)

You fear most things – public places, heights Good looking people, spiders, geckos and little Centipedes. You realize that your fear this You fear that, you fear everything under the sun You have become fear, only a faint glow Inside your irises that a lass sees, and an echo That you hear calling you, like … Continue reading Hero (Virgin No More)

A Bus Ride in Sri Lanka

Seated at the corner seat You can catch a nose-full of smog Carbon in mono- and di-oxides polluting the lungs This is a typical bus-ride in Sri Lanka When you pounce on a death wish A fast death – in collisions or derailments Or a slow death, as you inhale poison vapors And listen to … Continue reading A Bus Ride in Sri Lanka

Mouth Tactics

A woman in the garden, is different From a woman in the bedroom. Still she knows How to use the spade, shovel or fork with pristine authority. And like a Gardner she sows the seeds On a little pocket, she digs. I look in bewilderment at a gender And then at God, at why or … Continue reading Mouth Tactics


Oh how the bat lives in the dungeons, Sees the dungeons, The stalagmites and stalactites – the canines of a monster - And crashes past the murky night, in all the gloom, Hunts the fruit in the dark, A nocturnal feeder searching for Her freedom from a protracted sentence. Oh how pitiful that the day-sleeper … Continue reading Depression