Mathematics of Love

Man Romantic Couple Love Kiss Grooms Romance

Science says you need go through 9 women
To meet the one, the soul mate, the woman
Who you see an eternity of wrapping and unwrapping with
And far away, little babies inside cots
Crying louder than you ever did, for the same breasts
You fondled and tasted. There are two
Ways to love a woman – with the heart,
The palpitations that make chemistries of attraction,
And a tapestry of fiber that cries to be the force of thresh
And pulverize. There are endless ways to
Make a woman smile, you can ruffle her hair
As she lies on your lap, you can make a joke
Out of her muffin top, or make love like a wild animal
Starved for a fortnight. You can make her sing
In so many ways, songs that feel like they have so many octaves
Each different from the other. Still, in spite of
All the Maths associated with love, there is a theorem
That all men know by heart;
– There are only two ways to skin a woman
About a 100 ways to tender her flesh
Yet a million palates to her feast.

One thought on “Mathematics of Love

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