I keep on pressing the right buttons, to milk a little fate.

I softly pressed the eye button
And I got myself a lass with size-C breasts
And a round Gluteus Maximus, that grows
Bigger with the trickle of age.

I pressed the mouth button
And she turned volumetric and bloated
Pouts that made wildfires out of sun-parched grass
That incinerated tip to root
Burning the anatomy of the meadow.

I pressed the breast button
Under a street light, inside the back seat
Of a car and she opened a little compartment
That could overpower my lust
And push me from the pinnacle of a cliff

I pressed the navel button with baby kisses
On a picnic cloth at a park in Colombo
And she was like a rose in bloom
Pink turning crazy red, a clown
With scarlet cheeks laughing
In the flow and ebb of maxilla and mandible
Blown open with dynamite

I finally pressed a button
That dwarfed everything else.
And we made the cold stand-up warm
And the dry cry for moisture
She rose, a wave that tipped near the moon
And came down to where the zooplankton was
A wave that crashed through the rocks
Spraying the water all over, fingertip
To toes, tresses to toenails.

And I keep on pressing those buttons
Over and over, to switch on my senses
What breaks open and makes little places larger, thin strips
Wider, dots turn into tennis balls, and still
I possess a little heart that pines for a button, to expand to the man
She yearns me to be.

A button that makes crumbs, nuggets;
Fingers, ring bearers; lips, eternal barometers;
And yourself, less than self………
And the flesh that insulates the roaring white water

Dams with floodgates.

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