I keep on pressing the right buttons, to milk a little fate. I softly pressed the eye button And I got myself a lass with size-C breasts And a round Gluteus Maximus, that grows Bigger with the trickle of age. I pressed the mouth button And she turned volumetric and bloated Pouts that made wildfires … Continue reading Buttons

Mathematics of Love

Science says you need go through 9 women To meet the one, the soul mate, the woman Who you see an eternity of wrapping and unwrapping with And far away, little babies inside cots Crying louder than you ever did, for the same breasts You fondled and tasted. There are two Ways to love a … Continue reading Mathematics of Love


We deconstruct our realities To jigsaw pieces and execute reductionism In spite of horrors of our yesteryear. Pieces that with time become distorted, edges warped And color jading from painted surfaces. We carry spines or quills of our own past On our backs as thick keratinized skin Like a porcupine does. And still, some people … Continue reading Spineless