Interracial Couple

Where it begins and ends
Is the same port of calling
Where he docked at night
Only to leave by morn.
And in between there was a sweetness
That was undefinable by fructose
The sweetest sugar that leaps
From her breasts to summon all of him
To a wilderness of wild beasts
– Hyenas laughing, Tigers snarling
And wild dogs howling –
Crying for the night to begin
And the daylight between her thighs
To be ravaged, decimated
By a strapping dark knight. She was shaded
To the other side of darkness.
His skin was bleached like
An albino stallion. Painted with each other,
Dripping like a Pollock painting
They left, climbing out of each other,
Still vacillating in aftershocks.
The ephemerality of a meniscus
Of man and woman, drunk
To the last drop and an empty
Glass staring at the face
Searching for a sequel. And it wasn’t
The spell of the body, only the summon
Of the heart, to break the deadlock.
A meniscus that defied color;
Sheets of black and white,
That became colorblind for the night,
To be inverse by dawn.

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