Black and White

Interracial Couple

Where it begins and ends
Is the same port of calling
Where he docked at night
Only to leave by morn.
And in between there was a sweetness
That was undefinable by fructose
The sweetest sugar that leaps
From her breasts to summon all of him
To a wilderness of wild beasts
– Hyenas laughing, Tigers snarling
And wild dogs howling –
Crying for the night to begin
And the daylight between her thighs
To be ravaged, decimated
By a strapping dark knight. She was shaded
To the other side of darkness.
His skin was bleached like
An albino stallion. Painted with each other,
Dripping like a Pollock painting
They left, climbing out of each other,
Still vacillating in aftershocks.
The ephemerality of a meniscus
Of man and woman, drunk
To the last drop and an empty
Glass staring at the face
Searching for a sequel. And it wasn’t
The spell of the body, only the summon
Of the heart, to break the deadlock.
A meniscus that defied color;
Sheets of black and white,
That became colorblind for the night,
To be inverse by dawn.