Sarah C.


I look at your picture
I’m flooded by a deluge of you.
And I’m a little paper boat
Drenched to the point of sink
Remembering the paper-moment
When I asked to you spend
A weekend with me in the Eastern Visavayas
A land of love and paper moons.

If, if, if ………(An Echo)

Perhaps that echo is louder
Than the memory of your brown irises
Wrapped in glasses and the ivory enclosure
Around your heart; and me,
Missing our bodies in that defining moment
When we can only feel the ledges tipping over
Knowing that the dream ends there;
And the nightmare begins…

The weight of saudade……

Sinking my paper hull.

One thought on “Sarah C.

  1. Taking me to the heat and crushing me with an emotional sledgehammer. Good poem, pays out like a tragedy, can’t say I wasn’t warned, the echo in the middle did.

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