An aging woman wets the cinnamon sticks Peals the outer bark, pulverizes the inner bark With a brass block, makes Two parallel slits with a carved knife, A Kokatha, and strips off the bark In one clean swipe. The strips of bark are then packed against Each other and rolled into Cigar like quills, and … Continue reading Cinammon

Sarah C.

I look at your picture I’m flooded by a deluge of you. And I’m a little paper boat Drenched to the point of sink Remembering the paper-moment When I asked to you spend A weekend with me in the Eastern Visavayas A land of love and paper moons. If, if, if ………(An Echo) Perhaps that … Continue reading Sarah C.

Trans America

I paddled past Ellis Island Past the statue of liberty, Batholdi’s legacy With the torch of freedom staring me in the eye. New Amsterdam awaited me My trans-ocean journey, my migration To a new America, a land like no other. I was finally the wrapping around my heart A land of my own right - … Continue reading Trans America

Brown Girls

They come in many forms Short, tall, curvy, slender, Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful…….. They play, games of the flesh Sports with no losers, they play Like tomorrow is far away and bliss is near. And they give their hearts For all the wrong reasons – for the giddy The skewed, the Venn diagram that meets In … Continue reading Brown Girls